Sausage and bean stew


Who doesn’t like sausage and beans??

This is a great hearty meal for when the nights start to get colder and darker and we want something warm and filling

I use a slow cooker for this but you can use a casserole dish in the oven if you don’t have one.

In your pot, put 6 meaty sausages, a can of plum tomatoes, a dolop of tomato puree, a diced onion, two teaspoons of paprika, two teaspoons of cumin powder, a couple of cloves of crushed garlic and a tin of canellini beans. Give everything a good mix and season then cook on a slow cooker all day or in an oven for 1-2 hours on about 160 fan – if you’re cooking in the oven you may need to add a mug full of water as the sauce will reduce more so just have a quick check after an hour.

Serve at the end of a long and stressful day with some mash potatoes



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