Pulled Chicken burger with Sweet Potato wedges


This pulled chicken slow cooker recipe only contains 4 ingredients; 8 chicken thighs, 100ml passata, a diced onion and a teaspoon of chipotle paste – or more if you like it hot – I find a teaspoon just gives it enough flavour without heat. Put all four ingredients in a slow cooker and cook whilst your working or entertaining those pesky kids.

For the sweet potato wedges, just cut 2 sweet potatoes in to wedges, rub some oil, salt and pepper and cook in the oven 180fan for approx 25 minutes depending on how chunky you make the wedges

Serve your pulled chicken in a bun, I find the brioche buns complement the smoky sweet taste of the chipotle. Top with some refried beans or pinto beans and avocado if you have any




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