Ginger Chilli Lime Salmon


You can adjust the amount of chilli in this dish to suit your taste but it’s worth leaving just a hint of chilli to offset the taste of the lime. This meal is ready in 15 minutes and is a great last minute dish to throw together if you don’t know what to cook

First marinate the salmon in some olive oil, dried chilli flakes, grated ginger – about the size of half a thumb, some lime juice and the zest of a lime if you’re using a fresh one. Leave that to marinate for 5 minutes while you steam some vegetables and boil some egg noodles.

If you have a George grill, use this to grill the salmon as it can be ready in 5 minutes this way otherwise pan fry it on a medium heat on 5 minutes each side until it’s cooked. Once the noodles are cooked, stir fry them in some groundnut oil and soy sauce then serve with the steamed veg and salmon




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